Charles Bennett Sound Design Studio

Creation of soundtracks for special venue attractions and museums large and  small.

Soundtracks for video and film.

Audio Post Production.

Soundtracks mixed in mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Surround.

Museum and attraction soundtracks which integrate video soundtracks within them.

On-site final mixing of experience and attraction soundtracks. 

Ambisonic discrete G format surround, and multi-channel Discrete formats.

VR and 360 soundtracks created and mixed in Binaural and Ambi-x.

Dolby Surround and Ambisonic B-Format to Binaural and Ambi-x.

Ambisonic UHJ to any format.

Large sound fx library.

Production music from EMI Music Group, Universal Production Music, Warner/Chappell,

and De Wolfe, etc, available at PRS/MCPS rates.

Royalty free music also available.

Music selection and help with PRS/MCPS licencing. 

Music, dialogue, and fx editing. 

Mobile recording of voice talent.

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